Top 3 manufactures of handheld laser welding machine in China

No. 1: Nanjing Luke Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Luke Laser is a professional manufacturer of handheld laser welding. Specially provide various types of laser welding machines for customers from overseas. It provide a large number of excellent laser welding machines for distributors, exporters, trading companies and e-commerce platforms in various countries every year. If you are looking for a laser welding machine manufacturer in China,  Luke Laser is your best choice.
As an excellent manufacturer of laser welding equipment, Luke can provide stainless steel laser welding machines, small laser welding machines, high-power laser welding machines and other equipment. 
Nanjing Luke Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. It is a new technology enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Its subsidiary "China Resources Luke
Laser" is the company's main brand. Through several years of technology introduction and research and development, Luke Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the "China Resources Laser" series of products: laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine, laser welding machine, etc. The R&D, design and production of each equipment are scientifically designed and precision manufactured, and each production link is strictly controlled in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control system to ensure the performance and quality of each factory equipment. Luke Laser Technology Co., Ltd. products have been widely used in: mechanical equipment processing, electrical equipment processing, sheet metal production and processing, advertising decoration production, precision parts production, auto parts production, digital product processing, eyewear production, craft gift production, hardware Products production, electronics and other industries. Products are exported to Germany, Russia, Spain, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and other places.

No. 2: Han's Laser Technology 

Han's Laser has more than 200 machine models, including Laser Marking Series, Laser Welding Series, Laser Cutting Series, Sub-Surface Engraving Series, Laser Display Series, and so on. All these equipments have been widely used in the production of different products.
Han's Laser has very strong research abilities. Our proficient R&D team has got more than 300 patents and dozens of software copyrights. Also, Han's Laser is one of the few companies which master the Ultraviolet Laser Patent technology in the world. We are fully committed and devoted to enhance our technology leadership in laser industry.

No. 3: Suzhou Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Suzhou Laser Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing SCANLAB galvanometer, GSI galvanometer, Cambridge galvanometer, Qinlong galvanometer, and Laser lamp ), Q-Switch, Yaglod, Galvo, CTS502B, QSD2750, Q power supply, CO2 laser, energy fiber, YAG rod, semiconductor laser, ceramic cavity, gold-plated cavity, deflector (deflector), filter (filter element), electrode connector (card), lens, RF power supply and a variety of accessories maintenance services Such as: vibroscope, DAT2000 marking card, PCI3000 control card maintenance, optical fiber maintenance, Q switch, Q drive, Q drive body, laser power supply maintenance and other main agent sales brands include: American NOES, American GSI, American CTI, American related, American CEO, Standard music (ISOMET), American NTI, British GOOCH · HOUSEGO (GOOCH & HOUSEGO), British Morgan, French AA, German RAYLASE, German SCANLAB and other brands. At the same time to provide a variety of laser accessories and equipment maintenance services, in addition to Japan MIYACHI (Miyaki); NEC. TOSHIBA (TOSHIBA; THM (Japan corporation), Koizumi, UNITEK, GSI, ESI, LEE LASER Germany ROFIN, FOBA, Korea EO, TRUMPF/HAAS and other manufacturers to provide corresponding parts. 
Main Products/Business: SCANLAB galvanometer, GSI galvanometer, Cambridge Galvanometer, Qinlong galvanometer, Laser lamp, Q-Switch, Yaglod, Galvo, CTS502B, QSD2750, Q power supply, CO2 Laser, energy fiber, YAG rod, ceramic cavity, gold-plated cavity and various accessories maintenance services such as: Mirror, DAT2000 marking card, PCI3000 control card maintenance, optical fiber maintenance, Q switch, Q driver, Q drive body, laser power supply maintenance, etc.
Hand-held laser welding machine, with hand-held welding gun to replace the previous fixed light path, hand-held welding, flexible and convenient, longer welding distance, overcome the limitations of table space, workpiece size is not unified can not be used under the circumstances of automatic welding. Mainly for large workpiece, fixed position such as inside right Angle, outside right Angle, plane weld welding, welding heat affected area is small, small deformation, and welding depth, welding firm. It is a new flexible welding technology for long-distance welding of large workpieces. Effective welding carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet and other metal materials, suitable for welding, welding, internal and external fillet welding, arc welding, irregular shape welding.
Comparison between handheld laser welding and argon arc welding:

Energy consumption comparison:

Compared with the traditional arc welding, the handheld laser welding machine can save about 80%~90% of power and reduce the processing cost by about 30%.

Comparison of welding effect:

Laser hand - held welding can complete dissimilar steel and dissimilar metal welding. Fast speed, small deformation, small heat affected zone. Beautiful weld, smooth, no/few pores, no pollution. Hand-held laser welding machine for micro open parts and precision welding.

Comparison of subsequent processes:

Laser hand-held welding has low heat input, small deformation of workpiece, and beautiful welding surface can be obtained without or only need brief treatment (depending on the welding surface effect requirements). The handheld laser welding machine can greatly reduce the labor cost of the huge polishing and leveling process.
There are many laser cutting machine manufacturers in China, and each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose according to your own situation and choose the laser cutting machine that suits you. Before deciding, we suggest you compare the above three laser welding machine manufacturers.
If you have purchasing needs, you can contact us and we will be happy to provide you with solutions.
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