Notes for using handheld laser welding machine(Part 1)

Safety information(Below information are suitable for all brands handheld laser welding machine)
This series of pulsed fiber lasers are class IV laser products. This series of lasers emit no less than 200W of laser radiation in the wavelength range of 1080nm or near 1080nm. Avoid eye and skin exposure to radiation emitted directly or scattered from the light output. 
Do not directly look at the output head, make sure to wear laser protective glasses for a long time when operating the machine. 
The laser device emits invisible light, do not make the laser output head aim to people, please wear laser protective glasses when the laser is working.
Please do not turn on the machine as there are no product spare parts or accessories available for user use. All maintenance or repair must be carried out back to factory.

Laser classification: 

This series of laser is class IV laser: laser direct irradiation will definitely cause irreparable damage to eyes, skin burns and burned items, in some cases, the reflected light and scattered light of the laser will also cause eye damage and skin burns.
The 200W to 1000W laser of our company needs to use single-phase 220V±10% ac at 50Hz, and the 1500W laser needs to use single-phase 380V±10% ac at 50Hz. 


1) Ensure that the laser is grounded reliably to avoid possible personal injury. 2) There are no built-in parts for use, all repairs should be carried out by our company personnel, in order to prevent electric shock, please do not damage the label and remove the cover, otherwise any damage to the product will not be covered by the warranty. 3) The output head of the laser is connected with the optical cable, please handle the QBH output head carefully when using to prevent dust or other pollution, please use a special wipe tool when cleaning the output lens.4) If the laser is not used in the way specified in this manual, the protection it generates will be weakened. Therefore, the product must be used under normal conditions. 5) When the laser is running, it’s forbidden to install the QBH output head. 6) When the laser is cooled by water, it must be ensured that there is enough water to dissipate heat. 7) Do not look directly at the QBH output head. Ensure that a laser safety eye is always worn when operating the machine. 8) The interruption of power supply will do great harm to the laser. Please provide continuous and reliable power supply. 9) QBH protection window sheet is strictly forbidden to be opened by customers without authorization, in order to prevent damage caused by dust and other pollution output head. 


Before turning on 220V or 380V AC power supply, ensure that the connection is correct 220V or 380V voltage, wrong connection of power supply, will damage the laser. For a well collimated laser output, it is important to keep the lens clean at the output. After use, please cover the collimator cover, do not touch the lens at the output end and do not use any solvent to clean the lens. If necessary, use lens paper to clean the lens.

Laser safety and protection:

The laser wavelength of fiber laser is around 1080nm, and the output power range can reach 30KW. According to European standard EN 60825-1, this series laser belongs to class 4 laser. This type of laser is invisible to the human eye and can cause irreversible damage to the retina and cornea. And because the laser power emitted by the fiber output head is more than 1000W, it belongs to the high power industrial processing application laser; Direct or indirect exposure of any part of the human body, such as eyes or skin, to such high power lasers can cause serious injury. Therefore, the relevant operators of the customer must wear appropriate and certified laser protective glasses during the operation of the laser, and set visible protective devices around the laser and the processing machine to avoid accidents.

Electrical safety 

a) Do not damage power wires and cables. Do not step on, twist or pull the cable. Cable damage may cause electric shock, short circuit, and fire.
b) Please turn off the power to stop the operation and contact the supplier immediately if there are any abnormal phenomena such as smell of coke, abnormal sound, abnormal heat and smoke, otherwise there will be electric shock and fire hazard. 
c) Foreign objects, especially metal or conductive objects, must be avoided inside the device to prevent short circuits or faults. 
d) Do not use the device in a damp environment. Water may cause electric shock or short circuit. 
e) When replacing the laser xenon lamp, be sure to cut off the welding electrical source. 
f) Do not power on the device when it does not need to work. 
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