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In recent years, the advanced technology represented by laser cutting, industrial robots, digital control is constantly promoting the upgrade of agricultural machinery, and the laser as an advanced processing tool is destined to bring a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of agricultural machinery!

Laser cutting machine in the application of agricultural machinery consumption of agricultural machinery products plate metal processing parts commonly used 4 to 6mm steel plate, plate metal parts variety, and update quickly, the traditional agricultural machinery products plate metal processing parts usually use punching machine way, mold consumption, usually a large agricultural machinery consumption manufacturers for mold storage warehouse nearly 300 square meters. It can be seen that the processing of parts if still stuck in the traditional way, will seriously limit the rapid renewal of products and technology development, and the advantages of flexible laser processing is shown.

Looking ahead to the rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry, the accelerated renewal of products, the need for such advanced processing laser wrist to shorten the product development cycle, improve product consumption efficiency, especially for newly developed products in the complex parts laser cutting machine more advantageous, laser processing in agricultural machinery consumption will gradually become essential processing wrist, become the new growth point to enhance the level of modernization of agricultural machinery products equipped manufacturing industry, become an important technical support to transform traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing, I believe that the universal application of laser processing must be able to promote the rapid development of the agricultural machinery industry, with new technology wrist for agricultural machinery consumer enterprises hair to achieve a win-win situation.

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