Top 5 Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in the USA


The laser cutting machine is a modern product, and the end-user industry has gradually begun to replace the traditional cutting technology with laser cutting. It can cut metal materials more efficiently and accurately. There are many excellent metal laser cutting machine manufacturers in the United States, they provide customers with quality services and laser products. So which of the many metal laser cutting machine manufacturers are excellent?

America's Best Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer

We listed some of the most outstanding laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in the United States. Their reputation is good, if you have a purchase demand, you can contact them!


At NUKON US, they are committed to providing partners with a 24-month warranty, advanced operator training, annual maintenance training, a strong user network, and the opportunity to receive training from our service technicians to perform work on your machine.

NUKON US believes that, over time, proper training of partners will enable them not only to operate, but also to maintain investment, which is a good way to ensure their success.

Contact Details:

Phone: 1-866-856-6790


Kern Laser Systems

Founded in 1982 by Gerald Kern, Kern Laser Systems began with one main objective: to design and manufacture top quality industrial laser cutting and laser engraving machines to meet demanding production schedules.

Kern’s vision has always been to manufacture laser systems that will fit the customer’s needs, at an affordable price, with the versatility to suit a variety of industries. Nearly forty years into operations, Kern continues to adapt to evolving technology and develop innovative laser systems.

Contact Details:

Toll Free:1-888-660-2755




Epilog has been manufacturing laser systems since 1988. They are proud to continuously improve our system with the latest developments so that you can get the most value.

In 2005, Epilog established a 35,000-square-foot custom-designed manufacturing facility at their company's headquarters. This facility contains all of our functions within the company, including engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales, technical support and management.

Epilog is honored to be a successful manufacturing company and continue to manufacture our products in the United States to provide you with the highest quality laser machinery.

Contact Details:

Phone: +1 303 277 1188

Toll Free: 888 437 4564

Tech Support: +1 303 215 9171

Email: moc.resalgolipe@selas


AMADA laser cutting systems utilize the latest advances in laser manufacturing technology that enable customers to maximize their productivity and profitability. The laser technology in AMADA laser cutting machines allows for high cutting speeds and the flexibility to process a wide range of materials like aluminum, steel, copper and brass resulting in Process Range Expansion (P.R.E.).

AMADA's Fiber Laser Cutting Systems and CO2 Laser Cutting Systems range from 1kW to 12kW. Their advanced motion and innovative beam delivery systems are engineered to raise productivity, increase cut quality and reduce operating costs.

Contact Details:

General Questions:(877) AMADA-US (262-3287)

Parts Order Desk: (800) 854-6763

Tooling Order Desk:(800) 588-6683

Luke Laser

One of the best industrial laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have decades of experience in producing laser cutting machines. If you are looking for a professional and reliable laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier, luke laser is your best choice. 

We have rich experience and can manufacture various types of metal laser cutting machines with high quality and competitive prices. We provide a 5-year warranty for our laser cutting machine products. Please rest assured to buy a laser cutting machine from our factory.

Contact Details:

Phone: +86 02584373751



There are many excellent laser cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers in the United States. Nothing is the best, only better and more suitable for you. Laser cutting is a mature manufacturing process, you only need to find a suitable supplier for you.

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