How to Avoid the Damage Caused by Laser Cutting Machine?

There is no need to talk about the advantages of laser cutting machines. However, it should be noted that laser cutting is achieved by applying high power density energy generated after laser focusing. In daily work, it will more or less harm the human body.


The editor is here to introduce a few points to everyone, pay attention to the following points, you can effectively avoid


1. Wear gloves and protective glasses. The main hazards of laser to the human body are eyes and skin. Any part of the human body will be burned by laser irradiation. Especially the long-term observation of fiber laser will seriously harm the eye retina. The laser cutting machine is to focus the laser light emitted from the laser into a high-power density laser beam through the optical path system.


The laser cutting machine pays attention to protect the eyes. It is strictly forbidden to operate after fatigue and drink. Wear labor protection equipment according to the regulations. You must wear the required protective glasses near the laser beam.


2. Choosing the right machine, the harm of laser cutting to the operator can also be divided into levels. Due to different cutting materials, different equipment configurations, etc., there will be certain changes. First of all, you must figure out the scope of your company's production, processing materials and cutting thickness, etc., so as to determine the model, format and quantity of the equipment to be purchased, and make a simple pavement for the later procurement work. The application areas of laser cutting machines involve mobile phones, computers, sheet metal processing, metal processing, electronics, printing, packaging, leather, clothing, industrial fabrics, advertising, crafts, furniture, decoration, medical equipment and many other industries. Nowadays, laser cutting technology is still very mature, and the protection against damage caused by laser is also perfect.


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