How Does The Laser Cutting Machine Work?

What should be considered before buying and using a laser cutting machine? The most important thing is to know how it works. The application of laser cutting machine is very extensive, involving many industries, and it is one of the necessary equipment for many enterprises and factories. Laser cutting is a common process for cutting various materials today. When using the laser cutting process, the high precision, speed and versatility of the laser are a big advantage. Below we will take you to understand the working principle of laser cutting and some of its advantages.

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Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine

Before understanding the working principle of the laser cutting machine, let us first understand its advantages.
First, laser cutting will produce your parts with the highest accuracy standards. The laser cutting machine is very precise, able to create excellent details and complex cuts, giving you a lot of design freedom. The laser machine cuts the material exactly according to your design without any errors.
Moreover, the laser cutting machine is fully automatic, saving a lot of production time, so all the workers have to do is move the material. This leads to less material waste and lower production costs.
It is suitable for a variety of materials and is unmatched by other technologies. No other technology can adapt to so many materials.
Therefore, the use of laser cutting machines for production can bring considerable economic benefits to enterprises.

Comparison of Cutting Procedures
Next, we will learn about the advantages of laser cutting through the more common plasma cutting, mechanical cutting and laser cutting processes.
Plasma cutting is a hot-melt cutting process commonly used to cut steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Compared with laser cutting, lower cutting quality, higher energy consumption, increased dust generation and noise emissions are generally considered disadvantages. But when cutting any conductive material, plasma cutting is usually the preferred technique.
Compared with the mechanical chip removal cutting process, laser cutting also has its advantages. Non-contact processing, lower setup costs, lower pollution and flexible processing are more prominent advantages.

Of course, each laser cutting machine manufacturer has its own characteristics. You can browse our products to understand the advantages we can bring to you.
How Does The Laser Cutting Machine Work
First of all, laser cutting will be produced with the highest accuracy standards. The laser cutting machine executes the cutting process by emitting a high-intensity laser beam. A laser beam is a series of very high intensity light with a single wavelength or color. For a typical CO2 laser, this wavelength is in the infrared part of the spectrum, so it is invisible to the human eye. When the laser beam passes through the path of the machine from the laser cavity, it may be focused on the working cutting point on the object by a special mirror, lens, curved mirror or beam bender.

The precise focus of the laser beam is to increase the heat density to a very high level, and its high power density can achieve rapid heating, melting and cutting. The focused laser beam passes through the hole of the nozzle before hitting the sheet. Compressed gas, such as oxygen or nitrogen, flows through the nozzle hole. The high power density enables the material to quickly heat up, melt, and partially or completely evaporate.

On the CNC laser cutting machine, the laser cutting head moves on the metal plate in the shape of the required part, thereby cutting the part from the plate. The capacitive height control system maintains a very precise distance between the end of the nozzle and the plate being cut. This distance is important because it determines the position of the focal point relative to the surface of the circuit board. By raising or lowering the focus from directly above, directly above, or directly below the board surface, the cutting quality will be affected.

Compared with general mechanical cutting, the advantage of laser cutting technology lies in higher cutting accuracy. The cutting process does not need to touch the object, which can reduce the pollution of the object and maintain the friction consumption of the laser cutting machine itself. On the other hand, laser cutting technology has a smaller heat-affected zone, which can meet the requirements of precise or more complex cutting.
For more detailed questions about laser cutting machines, you can contact us for consultation, and we have a professional team of experts to answer you.
We have taken you to understand the working principle of the laser cutting machine and understand the advantages it brings to you so that you can judge how beneficial it is to your manufacturing process. Laser cutting technology provides you with great design freedom, production freedom, rich material selection, and can be combined with other methods to provide you with the best results.
As an excellent manufacturer of laser cutting machines in China, Luke Laser provides you with many types of laser cutting machines and laser welding machines. Our products will bring you huge production advantages.
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