Advertising Decoration

After years of development, the advertising industry has gradually matured, such as in the decoration and decoration of various top clubs, public leisure places for the general public and other local buildings, used as application materials for curtain walls, hall walls, elevator decoration, signboard advertising, front screens and other decorations. Despite the improvement in equipment and process, the overall gross profit is declining. At the same time, the situation of excess capacity and fierce homogeneous competition in the middle and low end is becoming more and more serious. If we continue to use old ideas and obsolete machines, and rely on lowering our own prices or cutting workers' wages to save costs in order to gain benefits, then the advertising industry will eventually fall into a vicious cycle of homogeneous competition. Therefore, all major advertising enterprises are actively innovating and seeking for breakthroughs.

How to seize market share at the same time to enhance their own profitability, has become the primary consideration to solve the problem of advertising metal letter manufacturing enterprises. There are many traditional processing methods, but the efficiency is low, the molding quality is poor and can rarely meet the needs of mass production. There are many kinds of metal sheet metal processing machinery and equipment, CNC punching machines, plasma cutting machines, wire cutting machines, etc. are the most used in the processing of production, but for the advertising industry, these devices are not suitable for the processing of advertising industry due to the relatively low flexibility of the special. The emergence of fiber laser cutting machine, no doubt to the advertising and decoration industry has brought the dawn.

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